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Cameras on fishing boats - an answer to commercial fish dumping?


The Fisheries Review currently underway includes a plan to install cameras on all fishing boats as an answer to fish dumping.  The idea is that the cameras will provide reassurance to the New Zealand public, and to overseas markets for our fish, that commercial fishers are abiding by the rules, set out in the Quota Management System (QMS).

However, in recent media reports, inshore fishers have spoken out about how the QMS forces them to break the rules around fish dumping.  See the RNZ Insight: Will Cameras End Commercial Fish Dumping? media item.  The consequence of cameras for inshore fishers in particular will be penalisation for working with unworkable rules.

Glenn Simmons, Auckland University researcher, states “… we will definitely see half the fleet go out of business. That's not only my view, but that's the view of a considerable number of officials from within MPI and former officials."

MPI is currently analyzing submissions to the Future of our Fisheries consultation, as well as feedback from public meetings and hui.

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