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Consultation closed on proposed changes to the regulation of the deposit of jettisoned material on the seabed from space vehicles


The Government’s consultation on how best to manage the effects of the deposit of jettisoned material on the seabed in New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone and on the extended continental shelf closed on 13 September 2017.

After submissions have been considered, the Minister will decide whether to proceed with the proposed activity classification or revise the proposals.  If it goes ahead, regulations would likely be made before the end of 2017.

Background to the consultation

The activity is current permitted and subject to conditions in specific areas within the EEZ and extended continental shelf.  The Government is proposing to make the activity permitted, subject to conditions, in a wider area of the EEZ and continental shelf to the north, east and south of New Zealand.

A link to the consultation document plus information on how to make a submission can be found on the Ministry of Environment website

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