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Consultation open on Marine Protection Rules Parts 100 and 300 - amendments to ballast and harmful substances provisions


The Ballast Water Management Convention came into effect in New Zealand on 8 September 2017.  It sets the standards and procedures for the management and control of ships' ballast water and sediments, and is aimed at preventing the spread of harmful and invasive aquatic organisms from one region to another. 

The technical requirements of the convention are implemented by MNZ’s marine protection rule part 300.  MNZ is seeking feedback on proposed amendments to marine protection rules parts 100 and 300.  The amendments aim to clarify the application of existing rules and align the timing of equipment requirements with the internationally agreed timing.

The proposed amendments:

  • Clarify the instances when discharge is permitted.
  • Change the dates when ships must install equipment to treat their ballast water.
  • Clarify the instances when sediment is a harmful substance and when it may be discharged.
  • Clarify that the ballast water management standards do not apply to permanent ballast water


The draft rules affect ships that are designed or constructed to carry ballast water and that are on an international voyage.

See the MNZ website for more information about his consultation, including the Invitation to Comment.

Consultation closes at 5.00pm on Friday 26 January 2018.

If you have any questions about the legal implications of the proposed changes to these rules, or about any other rule, please email Peter Dawson, or phone 03 544 1967. 

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