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Dawson & Associates Ltd - Dawson & Associates, maritime and fisheries law specialists, Nelson New Zealand

Litigation Management

Dawson & Associates have an established network of barristers in New Zealand and the South Pacific, with expertise in maritime law, fisheries law and related fields.

Dawson & Associates lawyers do appear in courts, tribunals and other hearings.  Our practise is to recommend specialist barristers to represent our clients in courts, tribunals and other hearings (depending on the matter), and we manage the relationship between the client and the barrister.


We manage litigation across a wide area in the maritime environment including:

  • Ship arrest, security and release
  • Coronial inquests into sinking/casualties
  • Transport Accident Investigation Commission inquests
  • Maritime health and safety investigations and prosecutions
  • Prosecutions and civil claims arising from maritime accidents and incidents
  • Cargo claims and other claims covered by marine insurance
  • Crew claims and employment disputes
  • Fisheries prosecutions, vessel seizure, special reasons, forfeiture and relief from forfeiture
  • Disputes arising between shipyards and owners
  • Seabed mining, and conflict of use of resources in the EEZ
  • Civil claims in the maritime sector


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