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Maritime Crisis Management

Dawson & Associates provides a comprehensive approach to maritime crisis management in New Zealand and the Pacific.

A maritime crisis is complex and fast moving.  There might be multiple stakeholders and jurisdictional considerations, which could result in prosecutions under a range of applicable statutes.  A maritime crisis can also be high profile with high stakes - posing significant business and reputational risk.

Dawson & Associates are specialists in the field of maritime law, and we work with a national network of experienced professionals who can attend a maritime crisis within very short timeframes.


Our comprehensive approach

When a maritime crisis does occur and we are instructed to assist, we:

  • Immediately deploy appropriately qualified experts to manage the scene and the interactions with regulators.
  • Provide urgent legal advice on the civil and criminal aspects of the event.
  • Advise on handling and the preservation of evidence, including electronic evidence.
  • Attend interviews between your key staff and crew, and regulatory agencies.
  • Defend any prosecution.
  • Offer legal advice on any consequent law changes.



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14 October 2015

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